My name is Bill Hart-French.
I am an exhibited and internationally published photographer.
I am based in Brixton. I work in Kennington. I live in London, UK.

I specialise in city, people and narrative photography. 

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Gallery 1885, London. 12 Women (July 2016)

Magazine Stories
Mola Magazine The Rose Tattoo (June 2018)
Apple Pie Magazine Thirst for Love (June 2018)
Dreamers Issue 3 A Feature on My Work (Download here) (June 2018)
Apple Pie Magazine That Was Then... (June 2018)
Mola Magazine 
Berlin (May 2018)
NIF Magazine A Pinkish Light (May 2018)

Lions Magazine (print) Dreams of Leaving (April 2018)
Junnnktank January and Blue (April 2018)
NIF Magazine Good Day Sunshine (March 2018)
Mola Magazine When You're Smiling (March 2018)
NIF Magazine Lux (February 2018)
Subverse Magazine Late December (February 2018)
Mola Magazine A Girl at Her Window (January 2018)
NIF Magazine A Darkness More Than Night (October 2017)
NIF Magazine Second Time Around (June 2017)
NIF Magazine In a Darker Place (April 2017)
NIF Magazine Brand New Day (March 2017)
NIF Magazine The Girl Upstairs (December 2016)
INP Magazine A Whiter Shade... (September 2016)
INP Magazine Ai no korîda (September 2016)
NIF Magazine It Felt Natural (June 2016)
NIF Magazine Stephanie in a Room (April 2016)
Uncommondose Magazine Leila in a Room (March 2016)

Here is all of my work.

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